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Buses Online: Egged Rousse JSC (Bulgaria) Index

Egged Rousse JSC (Bulgaria) Index

Egged, the largest bus company in Israel, formed a partnership with Rousse Municipality to take over the city owned and operated Gradski Transport trolleybus network and some bus routes commencing in November 2008. The agreement required a staged delivery of 50 more modern trolleybuses between 2008 and 2010 to replace the older Russian built ZIU682 vehicles, which are now almost completely withdrawn.

A large number of used single deck buses have also been brought in from across Europe, including from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic: initially some were also sourced from within Egged's own Tel Aviv fleet in Israel. By early 2011 the modernisation programme was almost complete, with only one or two examples from the former Gradski Transport fleet still in use.


 Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > FBW GT

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > FBW Tr51

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > FBW/Hess/BBC-Sécheron 91T

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > Iveco 2470-12

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > Mercedes 0405 G

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > Mercedes 0405 GT

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > Mercedes 0405/Merkavim

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > Neoplan N6020

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > Škoda 14Tr 08/06

  Bulgaria > Egged Rousse > Ziu 682

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